eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing

Email MarketingSo you thought email was a thing of the past. And along with cassette tapes, vcd players and mobile pagers, it would soon be a figment of our imagination! Well not exactly! Email & its marketing avatar, email marketing is still alive and kicking! Just that it has taken on a new form & context in which it is used

Think email & your thoughts might race back to tons of spam mail that you’d get, from companies wanting to sell their products to you. Well, companies are evolving & are now turning away from spam. This medium is now seen more as a tool of user engagement. When you have a community of fans & customers, you can keep them engaged through newsletters, product updates and more. And there’s no better way to do it than through email. We at Digitree Digital can assist you run effective email campaigns that are aimed at keeping your fans engaged. Want to know more? Drop us a mail! We’ll be happy to get back!

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