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30 second social networking guide – part 1

Do you manage social networking pages? Then here’s a short guide to what’s hot in the digital dreamland!


It’s OK to post multiple times a day. Yes, you heard it here. the quirky momma page posts 26 times a day and gets results! Just make sure you don’t spam!


On twitter, you are supposed to post multiple times a day. Since there’s no algorithm to filter the feed, it zips by faster than a bullet train!


This network is about the commenting. You comment on posts and join & participate in group discussions to gain credibility. Other than that, it’s pretty much like Facebook!


Over here it’s all about groups. You join groups, rub shoulders with the pros, help solve real world problems & then you get to share content of your own!

So there you have it. All the cool stuff in 30 seconds or less. Have any cool stuff to share? Give us a shout through comments!