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Benefits of being an InterPreneur

Each year, in the beginning of June, the monsoon starts to set in in the city of Mumbai. After a harsh, baking summer, people of Mumbai get a refreshing change of weather. It’s indeed a wonderful feeling to wake up to rains in the morning. In this city of hustle & bustle, it brings about a zen calmness. Monsoon mornings are really nice in this part of the country. But sometimes it gets nasty. Overnight storms lead to a plethora of problems by morning. The rain causes water logging & to add to it, trees collapse from the heavy rain & gusty winds. All this affects transportation really badly. And so, if you are a professional looking to get to work on time, you have a nightmare on your hands.

It was one such morning in June this year. I woke up to moderate-to-heavy rainfall in the morning. Things outside the window looked spectacular as expected, the rain had freshened up everything and the trees were fresh and green. Everything seemed hunky dory, until I checked in to social media. It was abuzz with reports of flooding, fallen trees, transportation delays and commuter misery. It was at that moment, that I thanked my stars that I didn’t have to rush to office like most of the people in town. I could afford to sit back, relax, take up my laptop & work away from the comfort of my home, while the monsoon was at its job of bashing the city as usual. Oh, the joy of working from home! Benefit of being an internet entrepreneur. But wait, there’s more to it than just working from home!

The beauty of internet is that it is omnipresent. So instead of sitting at your home or office, you can actually go sit at a beach, at a cafe, in the hills of lonavala or even in timbuktu! So long as you have internet access of course. Why, you could go sit at the top of mount everest & work from there! The ubiquity of the internet truly make the world your oyster & puts charge of work environment firmly within your control. You can change your work environment whenever & wherever you want.

Along with being able to work from wherever you want, being an entrepreneur also gives you the freedom to work whenever you want. Of course your work schedule will be influenced by client requirements, but there is always enough elbow room to allow you to make your own schedule. You can choose to work 4 days a week, not follow the monday to friday schedule, work nights instead of days or just not work if you don’t feel up to it.

Being an internet entrepreneur also affords you the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle. When I was working for others, it was always a struggle to go to the gym even twice a week. Most of the time you would either stay late in office doing meaningless work or leave early but get stuck in traffic jams & have a frustrating ride back home. Consequently, you just didn’t feel like making it to the gym on the same day or wake up early for it the next day. No longer!

Ever since I quit my job, I have been to the gym regularly, burned off those extra calories & managed to stay in shape. I figure if I’d continued working for big companies, i’d have stopped gymming completely after a while, got the money & position, but also got a big paunch in the process. That’s not what I wanted.

Working for myself has also allowed me to follow my passion. I always wanted to learn coding. This desire got accentuated after I launched the first Vodafone India App store. I wanted to figure out end to end how apps were made and injected into various app stores. Towards this end, have joined a computer institute & started tinkering with Objective-c. I made my own hello world! app the other day & hope to do more fancy things in the near future.

And last but not the least, I now get enough time to spend with the family. I wouldn’t say I had totally ignored them while I was in the corporate world, but now I am able to spend as much time with them as I want.

So that’s it, my take on benefits of entrepreneurship. What do you think? Have I missed out on anything? Let me know through your comments.


Image source: www.freedigitalphotos.net