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Bracing yourself for Applecalypse

Love Apple products? Wish you had shaken hands with Steve Jobs while he was still around? Bought every Apple product since the days of the original Macintosh? But think that things are going downhill – The iPhone 5 isn’t as good as it should’ve been or the iPad mini just isn’t up to the standards? Well, you’re not alone. Many more people (including me) think along similar lines. And, I’m sure many of us would have thought, “what if a day comes along when I need to (gulp) switch from Apple…”

Yes, although we would never imagine such a thing in the worst of nightmares, it cannot be ruled out that one day we may decide that things have gotten too bad & we need to adopt another company. There could be many reasons which push us towards such a drastic step. Maps could get even worse, the hardware quality may decline, other companies could come out with revolutionary products, Tim Cook remains in charge for too long. Anything could happen.

Bottomline is, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to switch to another ecosystem, which could be Android, Windows or even Blackberry if it’s still around then. Problem is, by this time you are so deeply entrenched into the iOS ecosystem that it’s difficult, if not impossible to make the switch! But now that we’ve started thinking about the Applecalyptic scenario already, we can take a number of measures to ensure that we don’t end up on such a sticky wicket.

So what are these measures? Let’s have a look


You have photo stream/iPhoto on your devices and the pictures all sync across the various devices like a charm, is fine. But what happens if you have to give up these devices? The photos sit on iCloud & iCloud is only available to you so long as you have an Apple device. So give up your devices & you give up all of your photos stored in the cloud!



So what do you do? Starting today, start “backing up” your photos to another cloud. Google provides the perfect system for doing this in the form of Google+. Have Google+ installed on all of your iOS devices & the pictures you take will get automatically backed up to Google+ photos. From here you can create albums out of them, download & store them to a storage medium or do whatever you want with them.


Yes, Apple does provide you with a free email account with your device, but the account is only yours so long as you keep the device. If you get rid of the device, you lose access to the mails you have in your @me.com or @icloud.com mail IDs.

Try to avoid the use of Apple’s email IDs to the extent possible. Use other universally available mail services such as gmail or outlook. That way, you can switch ecosystems, but still retain your valuable information.


You can use iCloud to sync your contacts, but in parallel, also back up your contacts to a cloud based service e.g. Outlook or Gmail. There are apps available which allow you to export your contacts as csv files. Get a hold of one of these apps & take a snapshot of your contacts.

Make sure that your contacts are in a readily exportable state in case you do have to switch platforms.



Just as in case of contacts, use your iOS calendar with a cross-platform service like Gmail or Outlook. This will ensure that your calendar data is available to you no matter what device you wish to use in the future.



You can’t do much about apps & games which are exclusive to iOS, other than making sure that you have a copy of the data available offline (if there’s any data involved).

Try to use as many cross platform apps as possible (e.g. Evernote which syncs your data across devices & platforms) rather than iOS exclusive apps. That way you can seamlessly hop across mobile ecosystems.


How do you think one should gear up for Applecalypse? Or is Applecalypse ever likely to happen? Let us know through your questions & comments


Image Source: www.freedigitalphotos.net