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How many gadgets do you really need?

When people see me carrying around an iPhone, iPad and using a macbook air, they often label me as gadget freak. They think I’m some kind of nerdy guy who likes to have and play around with gadgets. I mean why on earth do you need the iPhone & iPad both right? They both run on iOS & have similar apps and functionalities available. Also, if you have the macbook air, you don’t really need the iPad, right? Or so it seems. But it’s wrong! Each device has its own set of functionalities. Or rather I should say class of device as the same analogy can be applied to an Android Phone, Tablet and Windows ultra-portable (no android bashing here).

So let’s take a look at each of these devices and what you can use them for. Take the iPhone first. i-Phone. Ring a bell? (pun intended). i-Phone! Yes, it’s a phone!  You can use it for, surprise surprise, calling! Something which your iPad or macbook can’t do. I’m not talking about voip calling, but regular calls over a phone network to other phones. Another great use of the iPhone is its camera. And I’m talking 4S here. Apple is true to its word when it says that the 4S can rival a digital camera. With a great camera feature and a plethora of apps to make your photos look snazzy, the iPhone 4S does a far better job at photography than most digital cameras in the market. Apart from calling, the iPhone serves as a great portable media, entertainment & office device. But these functions are better done on a bigger screen. Enter the iPad!

While it’s great to watch a youtube video on the move on your iPhone’s retina display, it’s even better to do so on the iPad. Before I play that horrifying & difficult game called dark souls, i like to look up on youtube on the relevant strategies & techniques for clearing a certain area or for fighting a certain type of boss. I’d rather do this on the iPad than the iPhone as I get a much clearer look at the surroundings  of the gameplay area, what’s available, what’s not & where to go, what to avoid. Also it’s far more convenient to see my emails on the bigger screen of the iPad than on the iPhone.

So, now the big question is, that all the functionalities of the iPad are offered by the macbook air, right? So if you have one of those, you don’t really need the iPad. To that i’d say, not exactly! You only really need a fully functional computer when you have to do some editing. Editing photos, videos or documents. The apps on the app store & the processing power of the iPad still aren’t good enough to allow you to do that. But if you don’t need to edit, then carrying the air along is frankly, just overkill. You can do all you viewing (of media, photos, videos, even presentations) & even make presentations to potential clients on the iPad. You don’t really need the macbook air for that. Apart from that, the iOS app store offers you a rich variety of apps and games which makes it a great travel/commute companion. The mac app store still lacks that variety.

In the diagram given below, you can see that all forms of devices – iPhone (phone), iPad (tablet) and macbook air (ultra-portable) have their own place & that it makes sense to having all of them.

All devices have their utility

The iPhone has the greatest portability, but offers less than the iPad in terms of viewability and editability. The iPad does a super job of viewability, but doesn’t stack up to the editability of the macbook. Portability is somewhere between the phone & laptop. The macbook air has both viewability & editability, but doesn’t quite have the portability of the iPhone or the iPad.

So that’s our take on different classes of devices. According to us, it does makes sense to have all of them. Do you have any of these devices? Do you plan to buy any of them? Do you think it would make sense to have all of them? Do let us know through your comments.