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How not to mess up your social media business!

Ever since the Facebook & Twitter revolution happened, social media has permeated all aspects of our lives. Like they say, these days everyone and their mum have a social media account. There are a lot of people on social media sites (billion & half just on Facebook & Twitter) & that made companies sit up & take notice. Now they wanted to sell stuff over social media & thus came along things like Facebook pages & Facebook ads. And where businesses went, advertising agencies followed.

Why wouldn’t they? It was a question of their survival, after all. Agencies needed to reach out to people & social media offered direct access to lots of people under one roof. Existing ad agencies diversified into social media & new agencies started mushrooming. It didn’t take much to start a social media agency after all, right? Just hire a bunch of students, give them a computer & let them tweet away to glory, right? Well, Wrong!

As with everything, there’s a right & a wrong way of doing things. Just because young people are the main target audience, doesn’t mean you hire young people to target them. Dogs are the target audience for dog food, so do you hire dogs to make the food? Obviously, you don’t!

Read below, the 2 different approaches which you can take for setting up a social media agency.

Hire youth

Like I said earlier, this approach to building an agency wouldn’t really work out. Why wouldn’t it
work out?


Firstly because managing young people (more specifically, school or college students)
is pretty much like herding cats. They may come up with some brilliant things (cats are brilliant
creatures), but how much control will you really have over them? Most of the time they will end up
doing their own thing. And that wouldn’t necessarily be good for your agency


Youths may be good a acing their math homework, but what you really need is professional
experience that will help sell products & services. There’s a reason why companies do & have
been hiring experienced professionals to do their bidding. Having worked in a professional setting
imbues you with an understanding of how the commercial world works, which you can call upon
as you go about handling your responsibilities. With youth, there’s little or none of that acumen
& hence they may not be able to judge why & whether certain things will & won’t work out


If you’re looking at long term sustainability of your human resources, then hiring youth is definitely
not the thing for you. As they grow up & graduate from school or college, young people will leave
your company for better opportunities. Worse, they might even end up becoming your competitors,
after all that you have taught them!

Hire professionals

Professionals should be your preferred choice for staffing your social media agency, for the
following reasons

Been there, done that

Professionals who have been working for a while know the tricks of the trade & can deliver when it
comes to meeting client expectations. Social media may be a new medium of advertising, but
your clients will expect the moon of it. So when it comes to reasonably meeting these expectations,
your staff of professionals will be able to call upon their experience & get things done


Expect a lot of pressure on your social media agency due to high & oftentimes, unrealistic client
expectations. Only seasoned professionals will be able to handle such pressure & complete the
deliverables within the expected time frame. At their stages in their lives, youth are still to come to
terms with the kind of pressure that gets exerted in the corporate world

So what kind of professionals (more specifically, marketing professionals) should you hire for your company? Look at hiring people with backgrounds in both traditional and digital marketing. If you staff an agency with just online marketers, it just won’t fly. To be able to do something well, you first need to be able to do the basics well. And traditional marketing forms the basis of all marketing. It’s how they say in Godfather “Going back to the mattresses”.

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