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Importance of Content in Social Media

We recently took up a social media contract for a company who had burnt their fingers by attempting social media on their own. Their initial strategy; as must be for most companies who attempt social media on their own is to generate a buzz about their business by creating fake profiles, followers and then liking and sharing their own content to generate that audience for their content.

Well, it sure works for sometime but what they realized is that the “fake” profiles and followers they created were getting their fair share of limelight and getting the followers and fan base instead. Over the past few months into our business, one thing that has stood out is quality content. Content that generates the buzz itself. Original content, which hooks, entertains and engages the audience. Be it photos, videos, blogs, opinion polls, etc.

Social media is all about striking the conversation with your audience and then converting it into a partnership so that the audience themselves over a period of time become the influencers or mouth pieces of your business. So you may ask how does one strike this very important conversation? What does it take to get the audience talking to me, with me and then for me?

Content! Content is King… when it comes to social media! When a business wants to initial social media marketing for their business, it is most important to analyze whether the business has the right content that will connect with their business’s target audience.

Coming back to the client I was talking about, well when we started their social media marketing, our focus was on quality content. Generating content and at that NEW content on a daily basis from various sources is the key. Our first photo post saw a massive amount of engagement on Facebook with 83 people sharing the photo and various others liking it. We generate about 4- 5 pieces of content on a daily basis for this company and we have seen that if the content is good and not something is already floating on Facebook and is just a “share” it does get you the eyeballs and the word of mouth!

In the last review meeting we had with the client, the client was surprised that in such a short period of time, how did we generate the “hook” for their brand without “fake” profiling and black hat tactics. In good content lies the answer!

One of the most common mistakes I see people make in social media is underestimating just how critical good content is; which is be able to offer news, information and opinion for the audience to be fully engaged. The only thing to remember before dipping your toes in the social media waters, is that to have an armory of content ready and waiting for launch. If need be, to create content so that it makes you and your brand stand out!

Social media is not for the faint hearted who just believe in sharing, linking and adding friends. It is a labor of love, an inexhaustible work in progress, something you do day in and day out. Social media is not a commitment to be taken lightly. It’s a serious, long-term obligation you have to your friends, fans and followers — both your internal and external stakeholders — from the get-go. So don’t go into it prematurely.

What has been your social media experience? Do let us know through your questions and comments!