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iPhone 5 Features – Our Take!

The new king of phones is here! All hail the iPhone 5!

Once again apple has pushed the bar higher & now Samsung engineers will be eager to copy the look & feel of the device & software. Here’s a look at the key features the phone has to offer

A6 chip – This is a surprise. Usually the iPad and iPhone go hand in hand when it comes to processing power. So the iPad having the A5X & the iPhone having the A6 wasn’t expected


Larger screen – The device now sports a larger screen, which enables it to play movies & videos in widescreen mode


LTE – With LTE, the phone will be capable of greatly improved data connectivity speeds. Problem is that only a few carriers around the world offer LTE services. So the rest of us will have to be contented with HSPA+


Thinner & Lighter – The iPhone5 now features a thinner look. It’s 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S but if you put on a cover you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference.


Connector – As expected, the new iPhone has a thinner connector. How this is helpful is still unclear, apart from the fact that it no longer has a front and back side. You can plug it into your phone either ways


iOS 6 – Thankfully you won’t need to buy a new phone to get this. Key highlights are improved Siri functionality (Siri can now open up apps), turn-by-turn navigation on maps & Facebook integration (along the lines of twitter integration). It still remains to be seen whether the voice guided navigation will be available outside of the US.


iSight – While, the phone has received all these nice upgrades, the camera remains a disappointment except the ability to capture panorama shots and letting you snap photos while recording video at the same time. I would have expected apple to throw in a 12MP camera. However, the 8MP camera means that the device remains at par with the 4S.

All & all, the phone is a good buy. But don’t rush into pre-ordering it. Try iOS 6 first, which comes out on september 19 (if you already own an iPhone) . That would give you a good indication of how good of an experience the new hardware-software integration is likely to give you.

What do you think of the iPhone 5? Do you already own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and are thinking of upgrading? Do let us know through your question and comments.