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Top reasons to quit your job

Love your current job? Feel so satisfied that leaving would be like committing a sin? Wonder why all those people who hop across jobs do it? Then you have come to the right place! People quit their jobs for various reasons. Here we will take a look at some of the top ones.

Read carefully, for however happy you are, you just never know when you might end up taking the plunge! And if you’ve already done it, you’ll know what on earth i’m talking about!

The numero uno reason why people seek a change with their employment is they’re not happy with the person they’re working under. There may be several reasons why you may not be happy with your boss. Makes you work late, on weekends, abuses you, doesn’t look out for your career interests, plays dirty politics, micromanages or has just been having bad periods (pun intended). Although you may put up with your boss’s eccentricities for a while, eventually you will get tired of them & decide that it’s time to move on. Unless, of course your boss happens to be Steve Jobs, in which case you’ll probably end up sticking around.

Pay and/or promotion

If you’ve been stuck in the same position for a while & not been getting pay raises as per your expectations, you might want to consider hopping jobs. Big companies typically have a process driven approach to awarding pay hikes & promotions, further complicated by the need to fit everyone within the bell curve. As a bright & capable individual, you may resent the slow career progress that this red tape gives rise to. At the same time, your talents may get better recognised by another company, which may give you what you’ve been looking for. So by all means, go ahead and switch.

Job satisfaction
You may have a gem of a person for a boss, a fantastic salary & a place at just the right level in the organization. But it might be so that you’ve been doing the same thing day in & day out for several years. It’s as if you’ve been eating the same box of breakfast cereal every morning for the past few years. Nothing interesting ever happens or is likely to happen to you at the workplace. You may be craving some excitement in your work life. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking out for greener pastures.


Those of you from small towns will probably not understand this. But it is a big factor in the metro cities. Long snaking lines of rush hour traffic jams drive people nuts in big cities. After working several hours a day at the office, you don’t really want your commute back home to be a struggle. It helps if there’s good public transportation, but in case of many cities, especially in the developing world, this isn’t the case. You have to drive yourself & it drives you crazy in the evenings.

And finally, you may have everything going well for you – a good boss, regular pay hikes & promotion, decent amount of job satisfaction. You might not even have to battle in rush hour traffic due to the flexi work hours that your nice employer has given you. But still, working for someone else may just not be your thing. Because, when you’re working for someone, you’re never really the boss. And what you really want is to be the boss. So you may decide that entrepreneurship is your calling.

There could be many more reasons for quitting your job – you don’t get paid time off, can’t get along with your coworkers etc. Whatever it is, once you’ve made the decision to quit, don’t look back. Move on to the next big thing in your life.

Why do you think people quit their jobs? Have you quit your job recently? Why did you do it? Let us know through your questions & comments.


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